Royal Vegas Casino add innovative Genesis Gaming slot to its collection

Royal Vegas Casino is on the innovative online casinos and they always do their part, hoping that playersRV_logo will appreciate their efforts.

At the same time, they tried to pick their partners carefully and always choose software developers that have proven their worth.

In the line of slot machines, Genesis Gaming has a privileged position due to the fact that they embrace the latest technologies and know how to put them to good use.

Players can enjoy some of the best games in both HTML 5 and flash format, which means that they can be played on a broad are spectrum of mobile devices. It also helps that you don’t need to download content and can lay straight in browser, because by doing so, the access to the game of choice is much faster.


The latest game produced by the software developer and now available at Royal Vegas Casino goes by the name of Mirror Magic and invites players to discover original game mechanics.

You can’t say the same thing about the vast majority of video slots, due to the fact that they are to some extent close of previous games. Developers are doing their very best to create the illusion of novelty and to some extent succeed, but this game is truly breathtaking and groundbreaking.

It makes great use of fancy 3-D graphics and immersive animations, while telling a story from Victorian times.
Speaking of which, the narrative behind this slot machine is pretty complex and it greatly surpasses most of the stories that keep regular slot machines alive.

Players who have the time and interest to dwell on this fairy-tale are going to spend the time of their lives, while also being in line for great paychecks. James Watson, Director of European Sales for Genesis Gaming encourages players not to spin the reels without paying attention to what happens around and try to enjoy the game.

The developers spend a lot of time and energy trying to come up with a title that will appeal to casual players, rather than focusing exclusively on highrollers. These enjoy enough attention as it is, so it is refreshing to hear that some software developers and online casinos are catering for the little guy.

The scatter and wild symbols will wrap up an impressive package and will present players with the kind of bonuses and free spins that they expect from modern slot machines.

Maria casino enables players to enjoy this game for free before moving on to real money gambling on both mobile devices and computers. They can even watch a trailer, to get a better idea about what this slot machine is all about.

It is an eye candy short movie that will make it virtually impossible for players to ignore this game, which can be played in both flash and HTML formats