Join the frenzy at Garbo and win 900 free spins

The beginning of a new year is always a reason for celebration, but casino players are garbologolooking for some more concrete incentives.

With slot machines being by far the most popular genre, is hardly a surprise that the New Year offers abound in free spins.

Having said this, most online casinos are rarely crossing the psychological threshold of 100 free spins and they are usually limited to one or a few slots.

Garbo is different and for all the wrong reasons, because the Free Spin Frenzy is their latest promotion and it promises to be something out of the ordinary. To start with, players are eligible for 900 free spins and this campaign will not conclude until the end of January, so there is plenty of time left.


In the remaining days, players are invited to make subsequent deposits and they should invest in increments of at least $30.

Regular players who can’t afford to commit a larger amount will have to settle for unlocking 10 free spins at the time, but it is easy to claim more and faster. Depositing in excess of $200 free spins is the key for unlocking all the free spins faster, because you will receive them in increments of 50.

Even so, there are not many players who can follow through with this plan of depositing as much as it takes to claim all 900 free spins and might have to settle for less.
There are so many slot machines that qualify for this campaign, that regardless of how many free spins you end up writing, using them won’t be a problem.

The fact that you receive the free spins immediately after you make the qualifying deposit serves the purpose of celerity. By the end of the month, players should have enough money in their bank accounts to make the transition to table games and video poker if they want to try something different from slot machines.

Keep in mind that all the profits resulting from the use of free spins are considered as bonus funds and need to be cleared by playing them through 50 times. The recent additions to their online casino offer include several slot machines with a 5×3 format and a cool 10 pay lines.

The winning combinations are not only numerous but also the payouts themselves are significantly higher than the used to be.

The main purpose of offering free spins rather than cash prizes to encourage players to spend more time spinning the reels of video slots. Furthermore, the decision not to limit their freedom of movement for a couple of games is also justified by the desire to get players familiar with different titles.

Garbo hopes that after the campaign comes to an end, many of those who play slot machines for the first time, with be so impressed by this games that they will stick around.