Iaron Lightbourne triumphs at the 2015 partypoker World Poker Tour UK Main Event

The World Poker Tour UK Main Event was once again sponsored by partypoker and in 2015, they set a couple of

Iaron Lightbourneimpressive records.

To start with, more players decided to participate and with 450 of them can down at the tables in day one, competition was intense.

The first prize exceeding €200,000, a lot of money even for a tournament of this magnitude and those who made the final table were adamant to last as long as possible.

Iaron Lightbourne was one of them and despite the fact that he was not even remotely the most experienced player at the table, he played the best poker. The prospect of winning a lot of money didn’t have a deterring effect on his resolve to play aggressively and he was the one to dominate the last six. Shorthanded format play to his advantage and he was the one to push opponents around, taking advantage of his massive stack.

Iaren Lightbourne

Craig McCorkell showed restraint when exercising his otherwise aggressive style of poker, but only until he amassed enough chips in front of him. It was his merit to claw his way back in the fray, because at times he was truly in danger of being eliminated.

There were no discussions regarding the possibility of chopping the pot and the three remaining players competing for several hours until Fraser Bellamy was finally sent to the rail.

He didn’t go home empty-handed and with more than €100,000 in his bank account he has plenty of reasons to be satisfied with this performance. After playing for so many hours, everyone expected that the heads-up play will last a lot but this was not to be.

McCorkell was dealt A-10 and consider is hand strong enough to make an attempt against Lightbourne’s pocket sevens but unfortunately for him he didn’t hit.

The tournament was all over immediately after this hand and pulling all four hands were played during the heads-up, resulting in crack winning a bit over €160,000. English players who want to see the amounts in British pounds should check out the final table results below:

Place Player Prize
1 Iaron Lightbourne £200,000
2 Craig McCorkell £140,000
3 Fraser Bellamy £90,000
4 Andrew Seden £65,000
5 Russell Betts £50,000
6 Chi Zhang £40,000