Golden Park adds the Viking Sword of Tullemutt video slot

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the newly introduced games, as online casinos are adding titles on a monthly basis.

Golden Park already has an impressive assortment of games that can be played on real cash or virtual money and they keep players hooked.

Having said this, there are occasions when a highly anticipated slot machine is about to hit the stores and everyone wants to learn more about the new release.

This December, a brand-new game is going to be added to their collection and it goes by the name of Viking Sword of Tullemutt. It is loosely based on a Scandinavian legend and is guaranteed to appeal to those who prefer to play video slots that have some sort of her narrative.

Böb is the central character and he is on the quest to find the famous sword of Tullemutt, with the player being supposed to assist this lovable character in his mission.


This is not supposed to be a problem or an unpleasant experience, because players are going to unlock various rewards, as they make progress with this main quest. The Nordic adventure will get players fully immersed in the gaming atmosphere, while the five reel slot machines will provide 243 winning combinations.

It is the wild symbols that increase the resulting paychecks, while the role of scatter symbols is to trigger free spins, which can in turn be converted into real cash.

Not many slot machines have a bonus game that is even remotely as entities as the one currently offered by Viking Sword of Tullemutt. When it starts, players are supposed to activate the bonus game and they do it when they line up at least three consecutive bonus symbols.

The average payout of this game exceeds 98%, which is significantly better than the industry standard and should give a chance even to those struggling with a tiny bankroll.

A total of 1800 free spins will be awarded to a total of 30 players by Golden Park, and they will go towards those who make it to the top of the food chain. The first and players will collect 100 spins, the next 10 will have to settle for 50, while those who finish outside the top 20 will get 30 Böb Free spins.