Chile lifts Copa America in front of fans

Argentina and Brazil were the main favorites ahead of the Copa America and both of them were expected to cruise to the final act of the tournament.

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The fact that it was impossible for them to meet early on in the competition set the stage for an epic final, that unfortunately for their fans didn’t come to pass.

Instead it was Chile who lifted the trophy in front of its fans and triggered a tidal wave of enthusiasm.


Right from the start, the local team proved is ability to compete at the highest level and didn’t commit any mistakes regardless of the opponents fame. They made the most against teams that defend with all lines and then played boldly when confronted with theoretically better opponents.

Each time they played offensive football and this strategy paid off eventually, because they managed to score one goal more than all their opponents.

In the final act of Copa America they were unable to find their way to the net during the 90 minutes of regulation time, but were much more effective at penalty shootouts.


Their players displayed surgical precision and were clinical enough as to stave off a wave of stars and celebrities. Even though Argentinian players did a fine job at converting most of the penalties, they didn’t go all the way and one mistake was enough to and their quest.

It was still a better performance than the one of Brazil, who succumbed to pressure early on and was eliminated despite leading throughout the game.

It was once again overtime that decided their faith and despite their stellar lineup of offensive players, they were unable to overwhelm opponents. Most of the teams decided to defend and play cautiously against the top two favorites but they let their guard down when they played against Chile.

This proved to be the downfall of many participants but this doesn’t strip the home team of the merit of outshining Argentina in the finals.

They benefited from the full support of their fans and the stadiums were always packed with enthusiastic crowds. They were right behind them during the rough spots and never gave up, with their dedication and energy propelling the team to victory.

It was the first time in history when Chile won Copa America and it was a fully deserved triumph for a highly motivated squad.