Casino Maxi has Guaranteed winners this summer

There is no such thing as a free meal or sure bet in the world of online gambling. Those who have casinomaxilogowagered enough money on sports know all too well that this is nothing more than an urban myth.

The number of people who hope to strike it big by betting a lot of money on single event is still surprisingly high.

On the other hand, the best way to stay profitable is by exercising proper bankroll management and taking advantage of all promotions available.

Casino Maxi has more than a couple of such events and anyone who has an account with these guys can participate. This doesn’t mean that if you are late to the party will be denied access, quite the opposite.

Its recent promotions are not mutually exclusive, so you can sign up for the welcome bonus before claiming more cash. Most of them award free spins but there are actually many offers that are centered on cash prizes which come with no wagering requirements.

The casino tries to surprise its members once again, this time with a guaranteed win promotion. The name of this campaign is inspired by a slot machine that is called Guaranteed Wish. This is on the most recent additions to their collection and that’s why they tried so hard to draw attention to it. There is no shortage of players spinning its reels already, but the upcoming promotion is expected to bring even more users.

A couple of winners have already emerged and the casino was happy to let the entire world know about their achievement. Daisuke from Kanagawa is on the winners and if you hope to learn more about her identity, influence hold your breath for it. The casino takes great pride in being subtle and is not going to share the details of the winners unless these expressly accept such disclosure. The idea is to shed enough light on popular promotions, without hurting winners in the process.


The player mentioned above want a bit over €2000, which is not a life-changing amount. Then again, you should know that this is not a progressive jackpot game, but actually a title that has all prizes won locally. In a nutshell, you will only compete against the random number generator and don’t have to worry about players from other casinos.

Since the software developer powering Casino Maxi is respected worldwide, there are plenty of gambling operators using its games.
Risk-averse players will be naturally inclined to focus on those games that don’t have the jackpot is pooled across the network.

Even if this means that they won’t win seven digit amounts, it is more important for them to claim prizes often. Daisuke is now happily spending his money, but it took the winner a little bit to realize that he actually scooping the jackpot. Casino representatives were quick to celebrate his achievement and inform him about the best ways to cash out.

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